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NYFW Fall 2012 Trend Talk Part 3: Menswear Returns in Female Form

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Androgynous pieces have always played a large role in the business of fashion, the ability to create something that can be worn by man or woman is priceless for so many reasons, yet this season designers are taking this idea to an entirely new level, tailoring true to form menswear to fit a woman’s body without compromising any of the details that make them classic.  Three piece suits, single-breasted jackets, collared shirts, ascots and even pocket squares in plaids, blues, greens and greys are accessorized by sleek stilettos, stockings and waist-cinching belts.  As we see the power shifting towards females in so many roles, it only seems apropos that the suit should fit the woman as strikingly as it does the man.  And yet somehow, even as the overall theme seems so simple and standard, the runways are exceptionally chic once again.  We hope this one sticks for a while.  The fedoras especially.


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