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Fashion’s Biggest Icons Get Illustrated!

Refinery29’s ridiculously talented illustrator, Joana Avillez, has taken on some of the biggest names in the fashion industry and turned them into works of art. The drawings reflect each of the trendsetting icon’s loud personalities and we are in LOVE with every last one! BTW Refinery29 is hinting that these could soon become t-shirts- We’ll take one of each please πŸ˜‰

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Style Showdown: Victoria’s Model Moms

Victoria’s Secret makes it a mission to find some of the hottest women on the planet to strut down the runway in lingerie and a smile, showing us confidence and curves are always in style. So when one of the angels gets pregnant a flood of questions emerge- How perfect is this baby going to look? Where does all that baby weight disappear to after they give birth? Really…where?! If your model mommy is Miranda Kerr or Alessandra Ambrosio the one thing you’ll never have to wonder about is ‘will this model mom stay chic?’ For this week’s showdown we ask you to decide which angel rocks the best looks off the runway! Are you a fan of Miranda’s city-chic style? Or do you prefer Alessandra’s take on her playful boho looks?