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Style Showdown: Pretty Petites

You don’t always have to tower above the rest to show off great style and grace! Often times it’s the shorter girls who need some inspiration on trends that translate well on their figure and this style showdown is about two petite actresses whose style serves as inspiration to girls below the 5’5″ line. So which pretty petite inspires your look? Sarah Hyland? or Hayden Panettiere?

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Trend Talk Thursday: Summer Adventure

Anyone else craving a getaway? As the days continue to get warmer all everyone is talking about is running away to an exotic location to sip cocktails by the beach, shop at the local hotspots, and soak up the culture of a far away land- and we are obviously SO for this plan (mind taking us with you?). Before you start packing, this trend talk gives you the perfect wardrobe inspiration to help you experience your fantasy vacation in style. It’s all about finding eye-catching pieces that make you go from the fabulous sightseer by day, to the alluring foreigner by the time your ready to explore the local nightlife. Just click on the image to find out more about each of the items featured!