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A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Holiday Indulgences: Part IV

Part IV: The Special Compact – Anyone who saw Wild Things 2 knows how sexy it is to hide dirty little secrets in a compact addiction – time to become addicted in luxe form and never leave home without your mojo (substitute lip balm with solid perfume or anything else extra fabulous).


Bottega Veneta Luxe Solid Parfum Compact

Gift Guide

A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Holiday Indulgences: Part I

We have seen gift guide after gift guide after gift guide this season and the one thing we’ve noticed, over and over, is that we wish just one magazine, just one blogger, just one insider, would go through them all and cherry-pick the small yet powerfully fabulous things that make the holidays so fashionably festive…those little items, straight from the houses that inspire us throughout the year, that we are just one ounce of willpower away from picking up for ourselves every time, but push forward to purchase as the perfect gifts for the few people in our lives that we know will truly appreciate them.  So we went ahead and put together our own, for all of you that feel the same way – some impossible-to-get-your-hands-on treasures, others simple pleasures – and so begins…A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Holiday Indulgences.

Part I:  Snow Globes – The Ultimate Holiday Collectible – Re-invented, in glamorous, limited edition form of course, by our favorite designers.  $225-$3,000

Dior exclusive for French Department Store Printemps

Lanvin Miss Lanvin Mother & Daughter

Louis Vuitton Malles Tour Eiffel Exclusive for Maison des Champs Elysees, created to celebrate the first anniversary of the Champs Elysses Maison Flagship store in Paris

Chanel 2012 Globe created for select Chanel VIP clients


Isabel Marant? Zara? All that matters is the bootie.

Loving the western gone baroque thing going on this season?  Don’t go broke to get on that train.

We know Isabel Marant may have put the sleek, heeled cowboy bootie on the map…but we have to say, Zara has to get the credit for taking it to the next level this season.  Heavily inspired by Marant?  Most possibly.  Multiple variations and colorways available for a tiny-itty-bitty fraction of the price?  Done and done.  Compared to the $1,326 Blackson embroidered boots that Isabel has so successfully tempted us with for Fall, Zara made our mouth’s water with a bevy of stylishly comparable options ranging from just $129-$189, I mean, we could buy them all!  Or settle on just one and wait to see what’s up next season…either way, we really can’t go wrong.  We ❤ you IM but thanks Zara!