Isabel Marant? Zara? All that matters is the bootie.

Loving the western gone baroque thing going on this season?  Don’t go broke to get on that train.

We know Isabel Marant may have put the sleek, heeled cowboy bootie on the map…but we have to say, Zara has to get the credit for taking it to the next level this season.  Heavily inspired by Marant?  Most possibly.  Multiple variations and colorways available for a tiny-itty-bitty fraction of the price?  Done and done.  Compared to the $1,326 Blackson embroidered boots that Isabel has so successfully tempted us with for Fall, Zara made our mouth’s water with a bevy of stylishly comparable options ranging from just $129-$189, I mean, we could buy them all!  Or settle on just one and wait to see what’s up next season…either way, we really can’t go wrong.  We ❤ you IM but thanks Zara!


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