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Designers Sketch the Perfect Maternity Dress for Kate Middleton

Sure, it would be more fun to outfit the real live Duchess, but sometimes a pen and paper will just have to suffice, and today WWD asked a bevy of designers to come up with dresses fit for the last few months of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy. As you might expect, some options look more realistic than others.

Donna Karan designed a draped gown in striking blue that we could picture Kate wearing to a formal engagement, captioning the illustration: “Kate Middleton is elegant, sensual, timeless. This is a dress she could wear forever, at any age, at any stage, during and after her pregnancy.”

Karl Lagerfeld also went with blue, albeit in a rather different silhouette. For the pregnant royal, he sketched a bright navy Chanel frock with a mullet hem, high neck, and plunging neckline, adding the caption, “I think this dress is very much in her taste,” and scrawling “proud to be pregnant” at the top of the page. This isn’t exactly the first time he’s gotten fanciful with Kate’s wardrobe — recall the time he suggested she accessorize her “modern Victorian” wedding gown with a pair of thigh high boots? Something tells us he has fun with these little projects. – Styleite


Karl Lagerfeld




Donna Karan


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(images courtesy of Styleite)